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The Whispers.

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    </b> The voices whispered dark and evil things into my ear. I tried to whisp them away into a never ending darkness by doing as they pleased. The blood flowed a dark maroon and tasted of a bitter and sour taste. My eyes had been half opened due to lack of sleep from the dark and evil whispers inside my ear. They got louder, shouting things, Evil and dark things. Their were dark bags under my eyes that lacked the feel of makeup to hide the hurting. My body was weak and felt as if it were made of clay not yet dried, a walking work in progress not yet completed.<p><b></b> The feeling of a presence above me lurked as I fell into a deep coma like sleep.<p><b> I awoke to the sound of my alarm, 6:</b> 30 Am. I pulled myself together and got ready pulling on my dark clothing and jeans, straightening my hair and hiding the hideous truth under a mask of eyeliner and eye shadow.<p><b></b> The school was crowded, full of whispering gossip and tired faces. I sat in my normal place with my face in my hands. People wondered and people asked, "I'm fine." I would respond with my voice caught inside my throat. Yet the truth would never be revealed. My smile was a cracked and broken one that most people could not see through. My eyes were sunken in from the lack of sleep and eating. And my wrists were burning from the blood flow and opened wounds of the night that the whispers caught me.<p>


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